1 June 2017 Matrix Fitness at the 2017 Super Retail Conference

Matrix Fitness was proud to be apart of the 2017 Sports Retail Conference held at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, from Monday 24th – Friday 28th of July. Delegates from Amart Sports and Rebel teams, along with representatives from over 50 different trade partners came together for a mix of business updates, strategy sessions, keynote speakers, product exhibitions, sports activities and social events.

Matrix Fitness at the 2017 SRG Sports Retail Conference

This conference served as an important catalyst to strengthening the links between Matrix Fitness sales staff, and Rebel Sport store owners, staff and support offices, and was extremely valuable for all involved. As the industry’s fastest-growing manufacturer of commercial equipment, the fitness world knows that Matrix provides award-winning functionality, unmatched performance and lasting durability. Since the launch of the Matrix Fitness Home Use range back in August 2016, Matrix has developed a significant presence in the retail marketplace, furthered by the entrance into the RebelFit supplier portfolio.

During the conference, Matrix Fitness had direct access to key staff from RebelFit stores around Australia. The direct contact between Rebel staff and our sales team allowed delegates to understand our products, our unique selling propositions, strategic initiatives, key callouts, technical innovations and marketing plans. As staff of Rebel would be merchandising and selling Matrix products to customers over the coming months, we ensured they not only knew and remembered our brand and products, but were inspired to sell Matrix products to help customers make the most of their passion for sport and active lifestyle.

For the delegates, this years focus was on customers. The Super Retail Group believed if they were to continue to lead the market in Sports Retail, they would have to put customers at the center of everything they do. Matrix Fitness shares this vision in developing exclusive technologies with advanced programs to give customers a health club-quality exercise experience that’s uncompromising, dynamic and easily accessible in the comfort of their own home.

Sprint 8 #MatrixSweatSRG Competition

At space #56 of the SRG conference, Matrix Fitness held a cardio challenge based on Sprint 8, a scientifically proven high-intensity interval training program that burns fat and builds muscle in short 20 minute workouts that anyone can fit into their schedule. Participants had to achieve the highest “sweat score” possible after 3 and a half minutes on either a Matrix E30 XER Elliptical or U30 XER Upright Bike.
“Sprint 8 is a great way to get results you can really see in the mirror,” says Shaun Frazer, National Retail Sales Manager for Johnson Health Tech Australia. “Sprint 8 is no fad. It’s proven to burn more fat while increasing your capacity to build muscle. Almost anyone can try Sprint 8, so we’re excited to get as many delegates as possible involved in this fun challenge. We’re also
looking forward to rewarding the top performers, so there’s real incentive to get participate and stick with it.”
Researched and developed by Phil Campbell (M.S., M.A., C-PT), Sprint 8 is effective, quick and simple. The scientifically validated program uses high-intensity exercise to strongly stimulate a natural human growth hormone that burns fat and builds muscle for significant results. In fact, Sprint 8 has been proven to trim body fat by up to 27% and reduce bad cholesterol levels after just eight weeks. Since it only takes three 20-minute workouts per week, virtually anyone can fit Sprint 8 into their busy lifestyle. Best of all, it’s easy to start this new program, because it’s all pre-programmed and available at the touch of a button on select treadmills, bikes and ellipticals.
All participants received a Matrix hat and water bottle for their efforts, with the male and female with the highest sweat score each winning a $250 Visa EFTPOS card. Congratulations to Tara from RebelFit Penrith and Nick from RebelFit Townsville on being the lucky winners.
Sprint 8 is available on all Matrix and Vision consoles. Check out more about the Matrix home use range at http://au.matrixfitness.com/en/home.

Photos from the conference:

Winning female - Tara from rebelFit Penrith with a sweat score of 94

Winning female – Tara from rebelFit Penrith with a sweat score of 94


Winning male - Nick from rebelFit Townsville with a sweat score of 164

Winning male – Nick from rebelFit Townsville with a sweat score of 164


All participants were rewarded with a Matrix hat, drink bottle and fat burning workout.

All participants were rewarded with a Matrix hat, drink bottle and fat burning workout.