7XE Elliptical

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Dynamic contralateral motion with tapered, dual-action handlebars replicates the body’s natural movement for the smoothest workout around.

DEFECTS: Missing wheel cap, Scratches and scuffs on rear of track

Product sold in original assembled condition.

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At a glance

FitTouch Technology
Featured on our 1xe, 3xe, 7xe, and 7xi consoles, this touchscreen interface inspires users of all levels and offers intuitive operation.

Vista Clear Television Technology
Our Vista Clear Television Technology delivers the most crisp and vibrant digital display available.

Self-powered System
Our maintenance-free drive is completely self-powered and cord-free, providing cost-savings and freedom of placement within the facility.

Removable Disk
All Matrix Ascent Trainers & Suspension Ellipticals feature a removable disk for quick access and easy serviceability.

Constant Rate of Acceleration
Constant Rate of Acceleration and our patented suspension design delivers a perpetually smooth motion free of wheels and tracks.

Contoured Handle Bars
The tapered, dual-action handlebars provide a total-body workout that strengthens core muscles. The contoured handle design accommodates a wide range of user sizes for a more comfortable workout.


  • Features and Benefits
    –  Integrated 38 cm / 15” touchscreen display with FitTouch Technology for intuitive performance
    –  Vista Clear Television Technology – the most vibrant picture quality in the industry
    –  Compatible with Nike + iPod for the Gym for simple workout tracking
    –  Compatible with iPod for video and audio playback, charging, and on-screen playlist selection
    –  Integrated 3-speed personal fan
    –  Compatible with the immersive Virtual Active programming
    –  WiFi enabled for use with Asset Management system
    –  53.3 cm / 21″ stride length accommodates all users for a comfortable, efficient, and natural workout
    –  Low 24 cm / 9.5″ step-on height for easy accessibility
    –  Constant Rate of Acceleration and our patented suspension design delivers a perpetually smooth motion free of wheels and tracks
    –  Contralateral action with tapered, dual action handlebars mimics the body’s true movement and proper fit
    –  Ergo Form grips with integrated resistance controls enhances comfort and accessibility to key functions
    –  Removable disk for easy serviceability
    –  Self-powered system provides cost-savings and freedom of placement within facility


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