1n-Trinity Board

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The Johnny G In-Trinity® Board by Matrix is a groundbreaking incline training platform that builds strength, deepens flexibility and improves balance, coordination and agility. It allows users to extend their range of motion into the negative space beneath the board, and the elevated design makes it more accessible to a wide range of ability levels. Unique programming draws on multiple disciplines including yoga and martial arts to promote wellness, emphasize mindfulness and breathe new life into traditional practices.

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The hourglass deck allows for smooth transitions between movements, and the elevated platform creates incline and decline for below-board training. The ergo-grip rails give users a secure grasp
of the platform, while the sticks and attachable straps add intensity and increase exercise variety. The detachable comfort mat removes for easy cleaning.


  • Johnny G In-Trinity Board by Matrix
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (L W H) 194 x 76 x 56cm


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