31 August 2018

Johnson Health Tech Australia Welcomes Wade Gaudion as Queensland Sales Agent

Victoria, AUS (August 31, 2018) – Johnson Health Tech Australia is excited to announce the addition of Wade Gaudion as the new Sales Agent for Queensland. Gaudion’s primary responsibility will…

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22 August 2018

Matrix E30 Elliptical with XIR Console – Review

The E30 XIR Elliptical by Matrix is where upscale ellipticals begin. There are three main reasons that separate the E30 from introductory level ellipticals; Engineering, feel and features. The superb…

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11 July 2018

7 Reasons Why You Should Workout on an Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are the perfect piece of cardio equipment. Like any cardiovascular exercise, working out on your exercise bike will make your heart stronger and burn calories. What really sets…

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Horizon Comfort R Bike
9 July 2018

The Benefits of Low Impact Elliptical Workouts

Are low impact elliptical workouts a good fit for you?  Elliptical workouts are easier on the joints than treadmill walking and running and the calorie burn is very similar.  Here…

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Elliptical Workouts
1 July 2018

Johnson Health Tech Australia Unveils New Strategy for Domestic Fitness Division

Johnson Health Tech Australia, home to Matrix, Vision and Horizon Fitness; some of the most respected brands in the fitness industry, have re-structured their business model due to recent developments…

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19 June 2018

The Ultimate Treadmill Circuit Training Workout (That You Can Do At Home!)

Adding a treadmill into your circuit style workouts provides a convenient option that can improve the quality of your training. Including a treadmill in your training program provides a greater range…

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The Ultimate Treadmill Circuit Training Workout
12 June 2018

How to Improve Heart Health with Exercise

Exercise for appearance or performance often takes a back burner to getting (and keeping) our body healthy.  National Heart Health Month is a great time to incorporate ways to improve…

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4 June 2018

The Best Time to Exercise to Maximize Results

It’s a common argument; what is the best time to exercise?  The short answer is that it boils down to what works best for each individual when they take into…

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